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Who am I?   

I´m a bmx lover who couldnt stay at one place and found out that getting out of the desert was a lot of fun! Now I live at Parati, Rio de Janeiro and the bike is just for getting from the chill out beach to the chill out pub!

I work from time to time at the hostels in Praia do Pontal like Chill Inn Hostel and Pousada and Geko Hostel Paraty, but the real hard work is done at the hammocks by the beach!

From time to time I get to visit the rainforrest with the guys at the Chill Inn Eco-Suites Paraty and chill out by the waterfalls!


Novas garrafas daçacoqueiro (y)ção

Novas garrafas daçacoqueiro (y)ção

— 5 months ago
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